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Welcome to Rio Wellness

Ideas and inspiration to help you choose a healthy and fulfilling life. I also provide travel consulting services to help tailor your ideal getaway. My passion is self-care, which I define as the active steps we take to support our mental, emotional, and physical health. We matter – and by making ourselves a priority, we are better for everyone around us.

Take care of you. Always.

The Journey

Patti Callahan

Rio Wellness began with a change-your-life epiphany during a vacation in Belgium. I was walking through the beautiful medieval town of Ghent with a new friend, talking about life back in the real world. I mentioned my corporate career and how unfulfilled I was feeling day to day. I was unhappy at work and at home, feeling empty and increasingly disconnected. I was also finding that with my children grown and into their own lives, the only person left to take care of was me and I was genuinely lost on how to do that.

My friend casually commented that I sounded “so done”, and in that moment, I knew. The only thing standing in the way of living the life I wanted was the fear of letting go of the life I had always known. With 20-seconds of the insane bravery that only comes when you know there is no going back, I called my boss. She listened, then very politely declined to accept my resignation and told me to enjoy the rest of my vacation. I resigned a second time two weeks later, within hours of starting my first day back to work.

This platform is my way of turning my search for peace, healing, and balance into a community designed to provide others with the resources and tools that have been so helpful in my journey.

The name Rio – Spanish for river – comes from the feeling of serenity and contentment I experience on the water.

Unclaimed soul

Genuine Italian Mourning

Dirty Girl

Only you decide how far you will go in life, stay focused on your goals and proceed further with utmost faith and determination.

Anurag Prakash Ray
Escape and renew


Spring in Tuscany! What could be better?!

Part of our stay will be at the absolutely stunning Tenuta il Burchio, spending our days wine tasting and exploring beautiful Renaissance Florence. Our itinerary will include guided tours and some group meals, plus plenty of free time to create a lifetime of memories.




Florence & Tuscany

Italy Travel Tips

The best thing about travel is discovering the differences in culture. Loving a destination from afar is great, but it’s not the same as living

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