Patti Callahan

Founder, Rio Wellness

Patti Callahan

The Journey

Rio Wellness began with a change-your-life epiphany during a vacation to Belgium. I was walking through the beautiful medieval town of Ghent with a new friend I’d met the day before, talking about life back in the real world. I mentioned my corporate career and how unfulfilled I was feeling day to day. I was unhappy at work and at home, feeling empty and increasingly disconnected. I was also finding that with my children grown and into their own lives, the only person left to take care of was me and I was genuinely lost on how to do that.

My friend casually commented that I sounded “so done”. In that moment, I knew. I knew that the only thing standing in the way of living the life I wanted was the fear of letting go of the life I had always known. With 20-seconds of the insane bravery that only comes when you know there is no going back, I called my boss. She listened, then very politely declined to accept my resignation and told me to enjoy the rest of my vacation. I resigned a second time two weeks later, within hours of starting my first day back to work.

Rio is my way of turning my lifelong pursuit of peace, healing, and balance into a wellness center that would provide others with the resources and tools that have been so helpful in my journey.

The name Rio – Spanish for river – comes from a lifelong feeling of peace and contentment when on the water.