Selfcare in Scotland

When I first started embracing the concept of selfcare and intentional living, I knew that for me it was more than weekly yoga classes, spa time, and pampering. It meant being mindful about the world and how I am in it. It was about taking care of my spirit as much as my body and discovering what nourishes both.


That’s why I was so enchanted with Edinburgh. In its Old Town, I found the peace I always do when I’m traveling and surrounded by history. I explored museum after museum, seeing Scottish history through their eyes, from their perspective, and enhancing my own worldview in the process. The bookshops, royal gardens, city parks, and quiet passageways provided serenity, beauty, the occasional cocktail, and so many opportunities for reflection. I spent my afternoons journaling in the middle of Grassmarket, filling page after page trying to capture it all.


Edinburgh is filled with beautiful, tranquil cemeteries that inspire reverence and an opportunity to bear witness to the lives and stories that came before. I always look for anyone who shares my birth date, or who passed on that day. It makes me feel even more connected and centered.


Walking the Royal Mile then turning down Victoria Street – the most Instagrammed street in the world – and seeing it sparkle with brightly painted storefronts, Harry Potter lore, friendly storekeepers, and lively restaurants is an immediate gateway from the past to the present. It buzzes with infectious energy and possibility.


And finally, Edinburgh provides the calm and happiness I feel whenever I’m near water. The lighthouse in Newhaven stands proud and strong, guarding the shore and serving as a backdrop for many a vacation photo – even my own!


I happily left a piece of my heart in Edinburgh and claimed a Scottish part of my soul.