Time to LIVE

A couple of years ago, I decided to take a risk and create a new life. After all, who doesn’t dream of a fresh start? I won’t lie, it was bumpy in the early days. I tend to not learn lessons the easy way (or the first time). It was scary. Who blows up their life with no plan beyond “something else”? It was exhausting. Healing and changing both seem to require frequent naps. But mostly, it was exciting, and I love a good adventure!
I have a milestone birthday in a few months, and I’m so grateful because I get to enter the next decade fully healed. And fully me.
My 20s were about learning, growing, exploring, and making mistakes (repeating as needed and as life happened).
My 30s were all about survival – plus more mistakes and more exploring – along with a renewed commitment to learning and growing.
My 40s were a time to heal, learn some more, make even more mistakes, have some adventures, and begin to learn how to be free.
And now, on the threshold of 50, my intent for the next decade is simple: honor the work, celebrate the healing, then let it all go and freakin’ LIVE!

I have earned it. So have you.